[In The Window] – Johan Andrén  /  Among Other Things

[In The Window] – Johan Andrén / Among Other Things

3rd June – 8th August

During the summer we will once again be presenting an exhibition in the windows of the gallery. While the main gallery space takes a pause between mid June and mid August you will be able to see Johan Andrén‘s new body of work Among Other Things in our large front windows facing out onto Claesgatan.

Andrén’s photographs depict small things that are difficult to name, together with pieces of plants and fruits and ordinary small objects from everyday life. The things are arranged so as to play with colour and form rather than staging a story, and in some of the images the photographic act seems to have been distracted. The work revolves around the things we surround ourselves with in our daily lives, but attempts a new gaze at them: a gaze without symbolism and narrative.

The place that the images are installed, shopwindows in the city centre of Malmö, also positions the work straight into consumer culture. In a way Andrén imitates commercial imagery and displays that urge us to all the time buy more things, but simultaneously he contrasts the same, by only presenting seemingly meaningless things and not using them as symbols.

There might be something liberating in not ascribing the things anything else than what can be seen in them, both for the things themselves and for the spectator. “To see is to forget the name of the thing one sees”, but maybe also the absence of a name can make us see.

The exhibition is part of Copenhagen Photo Festival 2021