Artist Talk // Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole

Artist Talk // Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole

Artist Talk with Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole
Sunday 7 April at 2pm
Free Admission!

In her current exhibition ‘Honest Portrait‘, Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole examines the truth behind photographic portraiture. Historically, photography has been highly regarded as an honest form of documenting and recording our existence and surroundings. The most legible accounts of significant events in the previous 100 years and beyond have been recorded in photographic terms and these photographs are accepted as facts. In this current age, where most humans have access to photography and ever too often are aware of how it is possible to manipulate this entrusted medium Agunbiade-Kolawole explores how to make an honest portrait, or if that’s at all possible.

Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole (b.1988 Nigeria) lives and works between Stockholm and London. Her work utilises both lens and non-lens based photography, and these manifest themselves in a variety of outputs such as installations, performances, prints and moving image. She received her MFA from the Royal Institute of Fine Art, Stockholm, spent a year at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris and completed her BA in Photography at Kingston University.

On Sunday 7th April at 2pm, Agunbiade-Kolawole will discuss the works in the exhibition and the process behind their making. The talk will be held in English.