Skapande skola

Skapande skola

At Galleri Format we offer workshops for school classes in collaboration with Skapande Skola, among others. Read more about Skapande Skola at Kulturrådet’s webpage.

Workshop: Build your own zoetrope!
Ages: 7-14
Place: Galleri Format, Claesgatan 8, 214 26 Malmö
Time: The workshop lasts two hours
Pedagogue: Helena Olsson

What is a zoetrope?
A zoetrope is a small film making machine invented in the early 1900th century. In a cylinder shaped box with an open top, you place a series of pictures with a small shift in each. When you spin the zoetrope around fast the pictures start moving into a film.

The workshop
The workshop begins with a guided tour of our current exhibition at the gallery. We look at photography and video and gain insight in how the medium can be used in different ways. We talk about what part pictures play in our everyday lives. A breif history of the photograph is presented, as well as that of the zoetrope.

The students then get to create their own zoetrope, aided by paper, tape, scissors, sticks, colored pencils and such. First they choose a simple motive to draw. It can be something inspired by our current exhibition. The focus is first hand on making it as simple as possible so the students grasp the technique.

Learning goal
We want to give children opportunities to explore photography and animation from s historical standpoint, as well as give them insight to contemporary art and the artistic process. By working with a simple technique of creating moving images they can develop their knowledge of the film medium. The current exhibition at [format] can inspire them to pursue photography and film further. The students are given the opportunity that through a joint review reflect on their own and the work of others.

For more information, download our information sheet (only in Swedish) about the workshop.

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