Guided Tour – Facade

Guided Tour – Facade

Facade – Bjarni Tor Petursson
Saturday 15.9 at 1 pm
The guided tour will take 20 min
Free admission!


In the ongoing exhibition Facade Bjarni Tor Petursson’s (IS) artistry takes us into a world that is both strange and familiar. Suggestive films and photographs show coulisses, man-made nature and artificial environments. With lingering sequences where the silence seems to echo, Petursson explores outer and inner voids.

Several of the works in Facade take place after closing time. Among artificial animals, sculptures of fairy tale creatures, synthetic plants and ventilation pipes, lies a compact silence. The function of the coulisse is temporarily inactive, but the tension remains. In between fiction and reality opens a gap, a crevice in time. Like in several of Petursson’s previous works, darkness and depth play a central role. With matt black wood panels, he secludes and controls the light. They form an illusion – a fictional darkness replacing the real one. The panels are also to be found in the exhibition, exposing the delusion. In Petursson’s work, reality is a scale, constantly shifting.

Welcome to the guided tour of the exhibition on Saturday 15.9 at 1pm!


Photo: Bjarni Tor Petursson
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