Artist talk with Johan Österholm

6 October, 2017

Artist talk with Johan Österholm Thursday October 12, at 18.00 Free admission! . The talk will be held in Swedish

Lecture: Susanne Fessé – Photography and video in the public space

6 October, 2017

Lecture with Susanne Fessé Tuesday October 17, at 18.00 Free admission! The lecture will be held in Swedish. . The image above is a still image from documentation film: Mitt i Naturen by Björn Larsson. The work was shown on Sunday, December 6, 2015, at. 15-17 at Hornstull Strand under Liljeholmsbron in Stockholm. . In…

Guided tours – Where I met myself

31 August, 2017

Guided tours of the exhibition Where I met myself by Jerry Uelsmann Held by Moa Petersén file. dr. in art history and visual studies and expert at Jerry Uelsmann’s artistry Saturday October 7 at 14 and Thursday October 19 at 18 Free admission! The guided tour will be held in Swedish. . Welcome to a…

Analogue Photography Study Circles

26 August, 2017

Analogue Photography Study Circles at Mörkrummet [format] with Giuseppe Sannino Autum 2017 . Do you have old b&w films you want to develop or print? Are you interested in analouge photography? This autum New Analogue Photography Study Circles coming soon at format’s Mörkrummet! Are you interested? If so, contact morkrummetformat[at] for further information. . Photo:…

Artist talk about art #6 – with Giuseppe Sannino

26 August, 2017

Konstnärer pratar konst #6, To paint with light A conversation led by artist Giuseppe Sannino Saturday September 16, at 10-13, including brunch Price: 40 kr , maximum 12 participants, artists only . In collaboration with Konstitutet we invite you to a conversation led by Giuseppe Sannino. During the conversation, we will discuss how we can…

Bästa Biennalen 2017: Photo workshop

25 August, 2017

The photo workshop at [format] is based on the photographic process and explores the camera and the photography in different ways. Our next photo workshop will take place during Bästa Biennalen 2017. Welcome to build your own miniature world! Magic miniatures! How would the world look if a cot was as big as a house?…

Member workshop: Creative lighting with Oskar Omne

22 August, 2017

Workshop in creative lighting with Oskar Omne Sunday 10 September at 15-18.30 Free admission for the members of Fotogalleriet [format] and PFK Prerequisites are required The workshop will be held in Swedish  

Artist talk – Jerry Uelsmann

22 June, 2017

Artist talk with Jerry Uelsmann Saturday August 12, at 2pm Free admission! . Jerry Uelsmann (US) is a forerunner of surrealistic photography and photo montage. In his  darkroom he creates dreamlike worlds that appear to be taken from another universe. With an interest in the human subconscious, Uelsmann raises questions about our external and internal…

Closed for summer

3 June, 2017

We are now closed for the summer. On August 11, we open again with the exhibitions Where I met myself by Jerry Uelsmann and There You Are! by Stina Brockman. See you then!  

Copenhagen Photo Festival and Malmö Fotobiennal at [format]!

1 June, 2017

This year, Fotogalleriet [format] participates in Copenhagen Photo Festival and Malmö Fotobiennal with the exhibitions Against the Grain by Anu Ramdas & Christian Danielewitz and Devices by Emil Salto. On Saturday, June 10 at 15-16, Ramdas and Danielewitz will have an artist talk. They will talk about the exhibition and the process behind the images.…