Mörkrummet is the organisation’s own darkroom. It has always been a part of the organisation, and has been an important place for working as well as amateur photographers who does not have their own darkroom for a long time. Although, due to the breakthrough of the digital image the interest and need for the darkrooms has lessened, and many other darkrooms has been forced to close down. But we know the interest is still out there, and that the technology will continue to be rediscovered by new generations of photographers and artists. That is why we aspire to continue to offer the possibility of working in a darkroom in Malmö.

Up to 2011 we shared space in Panorahuset in the St Gertrud block. Now we have a basement space at Västanforsgatan 30b, with neighbours like other cultural organisations, rehearsal halls, and auto mechanics. We currently have open spots, and hope to recruit more active members in the near future.

The darkroom is completely non-profit, and all management is handled by the members. As a member you have access to the darkroom 24 hours a day, subject to availability. Booking taking place at web-based booking calendar. There is room for storage of chemicals, paper, and other materials you need for darkroom work. All consumer goods is funded by the members themselves.

The darkroom is currently set up for black and white copying and developing, but we do have colour equipment that can be set up if there is an interest.

Our prices:

Membership in the organisation Format: 100 SEK/year
Term fee for the Darkroom: 3000 SEK/6 months (Jan-June, July-Dec)
Project fee for the Darkroom: 500 SEK/1 month
Key deposition: 800 SEK