The Organisation

Fotogalleriet [format] is a non-profit gallery, located in Malmö since 1983. Our goal is to increase the awareness of art and documentary photography in the region. We also display photography-based mediums such as video, and have an interest in photography as a form of expression. Through artist talks, lectures and workshops, we increase the knowledge and spaces for discussion and dialogue concerning contemporary photography. Today, we are an established participant of the cultural life in Malmö and Skåne.

Our gallery is ca 200m2 in size, and is located in Kulturhuset Mazetti. In the building you can also find Serieskolan Kvarnby, Inkonst, Inter Arts Center, Kulturskolan and Danscentrum Syd. We have six exhibition periods per year. In rummet [format], we show smaller exhibitions and sometimes more experimental projects. It functions as a complement to the larger exhibitions in the main part of the gallery.

As an extension of the gallery we have a dark room for black and white developing and printing. Click here to read more about how to become a member.

In the gallery there’s also a small book shop with selected photography books. We often have especially good prices on publications that otherwise can be hard to get hold of.

Fotogalleriet [format] is a non-profit, nonpartisan and nonreligious organisation, open for everyone who has an interest in photography.
The entry to out exhibitions is always free.

Organisation number: 846501-1743
Bank giro: BG676-6943

Fotogalleriet [format] is run with support from:

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