Arvida Byström // A Doll’s House

Arvida Byström // A Doll’s House

Opening: 12th Aug 5-8 pm
Performance: 6 pm

Galleri Format are proud to present A Doll’s House, an exhibition by Arvida Byström!

Arvida Byström (b. 1991 Sweden, Stockholm) is a digital native with an intrinsic relationship to pink. Since picking up a digital camera in her early teens she has continuously explored the complexities of femininity, technology and economic systems, all often in relation to online culture. Her artistic output is often a journey through an aesthetic universe occupied by disobedient bodies; fruits in lingerie, tulips, and teddy bears. Having quickly established herself as one of Sweden’s most exciting and influential young artists her photography, performances and sculptures have been exhibited around the world and she has featured both in front and behind the camera of numerous influential brands and magazines.

During the opening Arvida will also be presenting her performance ‘A Cybernetic Doll’s House’.

The exhibition will run 12th Aug – 11th Sep 2022