Rest Assured in Unknown Places

Rest Assured in Unknown Places

Opening Friday 23rd Nov from 5-8 pm
The exhibition runs 23rd Nov – 16th Dec

On Friday the 23rd of November the group show Rest Assured in Unknown Places will open at Galleri Format. The exhibition will feature nine artists currently studying on the last year of the MFA Programme in Photography at Valand Academy in Gothenburg.

The presented works are made using various approaches – from archival material and found images, to the creation of a dialogue between the visual and the written in an attempt to convey a concept or to step into the realm of poetry. Some question the definitions and limits of photography, while some utilise the exhibition to look at the medium’s manifestation within the gallery space. For others, photography is an instrument to map, play with questions of representation or simply a means to contemplate.

Anne Rantakylä
Barthélémy Garcia
Eva-Teréz Gölin
Hallgerður Hallgrímsdóttir
Inga Linn Härdelin
Kenny Bengtsson
Lars Dyrendom
Ole Nesset
Tina Umer

During the opening Erik Lagerwall and Ivar Lantz will perform live dub versions from Lagerwall’s debut album Älska skenet as well as material from the coming release Rädslan du lämnade var först blekt gul sen lila sist guld.

Image: Anne Rantakylä