There You Are! – Stina Brockman There You Are! – Stina Brockman There You Are! – Stina Brockman There You Are! – Stina Brockman There You Are! – Stina Brockman There You Are! – Stina Brockman There You Are! – Stina Brockman

There You Are! – Stina Brockman

Opening August 11, at 17-20
The exhibition is open August 12 – September 24, 2017


The series There you Are! is at rummet [format] shown for the first time as a projection with a sound work written especially for this series by the composer, photographer and film maker Michel Wenzer.

“This photographs were made in Sonoma, California, when everything was so extremely beautiful and perfect that I just had to photograph my own shadow.
I thought about C.G.Jung while working with this series. He talked about the shadow as a part within that we not want to recognise and definitely not want anyone else to see. Jung said that it is important to keep an eye on our shadow because otherwise it can act on it´s own accord. We handle the shadow in several different ways, like deny it, or project it. So when we find someone unbearably irritating it can be because we project an unconscious part of ourselves onto that person. Consequently, that irritation have the potential to teach us something”.

Brockman belongs to the artists and photographers who created their own personal world of expression and precision. Common to most of Brockman’s pictures is that they dissolve the difference between external and internal reality, they are open to associations and new contexts. The floating bodies, the reflections in water, obscure landscape invite the viewer to have their own experiences. Her work has often been about body and masculinity with an interest in what is hidden under norms and conventions.


Stina Brockman has been shown at the Modern Museum in Stockholm and Malmö, Kulturhuset, Marabouparken, Artipelag in Stockholm, Hasselblad Center in Gothenburg, Malmö Konsthall and in several other countries. The book The Sensation of Falling was published in 2016.

Michael Wenzer (1968) is well known for directing and composing the music for the Guldbagge awarded movie At Night I Fly and the short movie Three Poems by Spoon Jackson.
As composer, Wenzer has for example written the music of the movies Bellville Baby (Mia Engberg), Facing Genocide – Khieu Samphan and Pol Pot (David Aronowitsch) End of the World, Frau Berliner Mauer as well as the movie Dublin. Wenzer has also composed music and sound for a number of art projects.