Shadows in war  7/8 – 13/9 2015

Shadows in war 7/8 – 13/9 2015

The exhibition Shadows in war presents three documentary short films, which in different ways portrays people who live in areas of conflict. In films from Ukraine, Afghanistan and Croatia we get to know the everyday life within the reality of war. As a dark mist, the fear of what will happen next, is creeping upon the people. At the same time life continues and war becomes part of everyday life. The films depict ongoing conflicts from different parts of the world.

This is Kabul

Sadaf Fetrat, Sahar Fetrat, Nargis Azaryun, Christoffer Næss and Anders Sømme Hammer
2014 Norway/Afghanistan

In Kabul, Afghanistan a small group of young women are fighting for equality. They are pioneers in one of the world’s most conservative countries. By doing the recording themselves, they are giving us close portraits of young Afghan women trying to change the society they live in.They show there is hope, but like everyone else who lives in Afghanistan, they are affected by the ongoing war.

Muski Film
Nebojsa Slijepcevic
2012 Croatia

In Balkans every generation has its war. Sons are continuing fights started by their fathers. There are rifles and pistols in every hand. Concentration of arms has reached a critical point. Even the smallest incident would be disastrous to this fragile peace. Watching children playing with toy guns makes you wander: what are we leaving to the next generation?

This place we call our home
Sybilla Marie Wester Tuxen and Thora Lorentzen
2014 Denmark

A Ukrainian soldier is preparing to go to war, while his friends stay at home. Every person we meet in Ukraine is affected by the fact that the country is at war, and the optimism from the riots is difficult to maintain. The soldier leaves, his best friend is left behind, a mother is praying for her fighting son and a young boy cries out about the hopelessness.

Shadows in war is produced by fotogalleriet [format] in collaboration with Doc Lounge Malmö and Nordisk Panorama.


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(Note: in Swedish)