Beata Fransson – Om studion  13/11-20/12 2015

Beata Fransson – Om studion 13/11-20/12 2015

Beata Fransson’s artistery investigates our way of seeing and how photography as a medium has affected man’s view on ourselves. Through photographs and large scale phptpgraphic installations, Fransson creates a space that exfoliates, both psychologically and visually. With small changes in perspective and subtle visual takes she toys with our way of seeing in relation to what is real.

Fransson takes an interest in the photograph and it’s early history. In the beginnings of the 19th century and the industrialism came a line of inventions that in the end led to the camera and the analogue technology. In the early days the connection to portraying with painted backgrounds and soft filters to imitate the features of a painting. Photographs began being mass produced in the middle of the 19th century, a period which was largely characterized by individualism. In the works of Fransson you can find objects and settings from this period. She investigates how the portrait came to affect man’s sense of self, and create a new relationship between man and one’s self. What does it mean to for the first time view one’s own portrait and consequently view oneself as a stranger? Fransson sees how the photograph carries an internal duality and alienation; while the portrayed can be enhanced and acknowledged in their identity through the image, the photograph can also create a baseline. The portrait is compared to an ideal of appearance and behaviour.

In the exhibition Om studion at fotogalleriet [format] there will be showings of works with developing tanks from the 19th century and photographed studio backgrounds. Fransson’s portrayal of the props of photography comment on how the medium constructs and directs. Through the act comes the question: does the photograph show reality or does it in fact create a new one?


Beata Fransson (b. 1977) got her education at Malmö Konsthögskola and Kungliga Konsthögskolan. She is currently located in Stockholm and has had separate exhibitions at galleries like Krognoshuset in Lund (2015), Galleri Anna Elle in Stockholm (2013), and Galleri 21 in Malmö (2010). In spring 2015 Fransson was awarded with the Hasselblad Foundation’s two month scholarship trip to France. She has also created several public decorations.

Opening on friday the 13th of  November 2015 at 5-8pm.