KONTORprojects at [format]: What should have remained secret, has come to light 8/8 – 7/9

KONTORprojects at [format]: What should have remained secret, has come to light 8/8 – 7/9

The theme of the exhibition is inspired by the Freudian concept ‘the uncanny’. The phenomenon has fascinated artists through time, from the Surrealists to contemporary artists.

In 1919 Freud published his essay ’Das Unheimliche’, in which he elaborates on ‘the uncanny’. Though ‘the uncanny’ is not clearly definable, because it relies on personal experience, he defines it through the German word unheimlich, which, “applies to everything that was intended to remain secret, hidden away, and has come into the open.”

The exhibition shows photography- and video work, which relates to ‘the uncanny’ as theme, as well as work that from a more conceptual point of view challenge it

Through a photographic lens it is interesting because ’the uncanny’ latently is present in photography as a medium. Although not all photographs appear eerily, it lies in the nature of photography, when analyzed in relation to Freud’s interpretation of the term.

The selected works for the exhibition range from pieces like Alana Lake’s, The Closer you are the Further you Become (creepy), which explores the limits of our common visual language and understanding of the photographic medium, to highly conceptual and theoretically based works like Honey Biba Beckerly’s, Entangled Realities II, to more poetic and Surreal works, like Mette Bersang’s video piece, Plants Measure the length of the Night – Part II.

Common to all the selected works is that it is based on photography that challenge ‘the uncanny’, as conceptual framework.

Exhibiting artists: Culer Ates (TR/UK), Honey Biba Beckerlee (DK) Mette Bersang (DK), Louise Bøgelund Saugmann (DK), Alana Lake (UK), Christopher Landin (SE/DK), Jenny Nordquist (SE/DK), Diana Sherer (DE/NE), Esther Teichmann (DE/USA), Signe Vad (DK), Simone Alexandra Ærsøe (DK).

KONTORprojects curators: Jenny Nordquist (SE/DK) & Louise Bøgelund Saugmann (DK).