Véronique Hoegger – Hiding behind the scenes of Pepperminta 24/9 – 30/10 2011

Véronique Hoegger – Hiding behind the scenes of Pepperminta 24/9 – 30/10 2011

Rummet [format] is proud to present Véronique Hoegger’s first solo exhibition in Sweden. In Hiding behind the scenes of Pepperminta, the viewer is introduced to a series of photographic interpretations from the production of Pipilotti Rist’s first feature film Pepperminta.

In 2007 Hoegger had a commission to document the making of Pepperminta which created an access to experience the surreal scenery of this particular filmmaking. Hoegger discovered that Pipilotti Rist’s way of seeing things was very different from her own, and she took this special opportunity to create a project by using her personal perspective to observe the film set.

Hoegger was struck by the beauty of the positive trance she found in the film team; the team as a closed circuit, working insistently on creating the story within all layers a production requires in the extraordinary world of Pipilotti Rist. Yet more interesting became the gap of time in between the creation of fiction and the real. People waiting, preparing, killing time, hiding. Hoegger found herself in a unique position as an outsider of the spectacle happening around her; she was constantly hiding and keeping distance to the team, watching every detail.

As Rist was filming with a wide-angle camera, Hoegger was photographing midformat with a 80 mm lens. By using this technique she obtained a personal view, where her gaze through the camera catches a distinct perception from the film Pepperminta itself.

Hiding behind the scenes of Pepperminta captures moments where the fiction of the film and the reality of the production collide. The surreality of the story blend with trivial situations, and Hoegger’s photographs become a tool to create new stories within the scenery of the film set.

Véronique Hoegger has studied photography at the University of art and design in Zurich where she lives and works. She has an extensive background as photographer within fashion, design and editorial work as well as her own personal art being exhibited and published.