The Path of a Falling Leaf

The Path of a Falling Leaf

**Opening event cancelled**

The group exhibition The Path of a Falling Leaf will open on Friday 20th November between 12-6 pm without an opening event. The exhibition will feature eleven artists who are all completing the final year of the MFA programme in photography at HDK-Valand in Gothenburg.

Anna Sofia Jernryd (SE)
Armand Tamboly (DE)
Erik Gustafsson (SE)
Fia Linnéa Emelie Doepel (FI)
Ingvild Davidsen (NO)
Joachim Fleinert (DK)
Katerina Tsakiri (GR)
Marie Barthelsson (SE)
Mercè Torres Ràfols (CAT)
Mia Rogersdotter (SE)
Nini Hansen (DK)

The exhibition runs 21st Nov – 12th Dec

Image: Marie Barthelsson/Fia Linnéa Emelie Doepel